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Maximizing Results With Combined Aesthetic Procedures

2010-10-14 12:04:00

How the combination of surgical and nonsurgical procedures into one single surgery can benefit patients.

At his Orlando, Florida practice, Dr. Kenrick Spence (www.spencemd.com) has seen an increase in the number of men and women choosing to combine facial enhancement procedures to maximize the results of their cosmetic surgery experience. By combining nonsurgical and surgical procedures, like BOTOX Cosmetic and a face lift in Orlando, his patients are seeing the amplified benefits of a more comprehensive makeover.

Combination Therapy Dr. Kenrick Spence
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"I encourage my patients to think beyond a single procedure if it makes sense for them to do so," says Dr. Spence. "Sometimes, one procedure may not address multiple concerns. For example, if my patient is concerned about sagging skin along the jaw and around the brow, just performing a face lift won't treat the upper half of the face, and a brow lift or treatment with BOTOX may be necessary as well."

Patients combining two or more surgical facial procedures are becoming more common. Combining two procedures into a single surgery can reduce total recovery time and fight the signs of aging more thoroughly.

"A patient may be focused on her eyelids, and want eyelid surgery, but I'm careful to review all of the facial features so that the results of surgery are maximized," notes Dr. Spence. "In the case of eyelid surgery, often a brow lift will help to create a brighter and more youthful appearance around the eye, so a combined procedure makes sense in many cases."

Another type of packaged cosmetic enhancement Dr. Spence is seeing at his Orlando, Florida plastic surgery practice is the combination of a surgical and nonsurgical procedure, particularly in cases where the nonsurgical treatment can enhance or extend the results of the surgical procedure. By simply adding volume to one area of the face or by diminishing a few wrinkles, patients may see better results than with their facial surgery alone.

Dr. Spence explains that "nonsurgical procedures like BOTOX, injectable fillers and skin resurfacing can amplify the benefits of a face lift, brow lift or other facial surgery procedure. These nonsurgical treatments, which are becoming more and more popular each year, can increase the longevity of the results or make a much more dramatic improvement in the patient's appearance."

To achieve better results, some patients even choose multiple nonsurgical treatments instead of surgery. For example, Dr. Spence's Orlando BOTOX patients may choose one of the other injectable treatments he offers as well, or may select a chemical peel or IPL for a total freshening of the face.

No matter which combination of procedures his patients choose to undergo, Dr. Spence is dedicated to patient safety. "We really want the best for our patients, and I believe that these packaged procedures and treatments are providing more complete benefits that are extremely satisfying."

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